What kind of Fan are you? A FIREFAN!

Do you warn the running back when he’s about to fumble? Do you predict the plays? Call penalties before the ref? If your passion is on fire…your new sports game app is FireFan! It’s way more than an app. Its real time play that puts your head in the game…literally.

  • You predict the scores…

  • You call the plays…

  • You forecast the action…


And all while competing against your favorite sports heroes, celebs or just die-hards like you. Don’t just turn on the game, fire it up. Get ready to raise you game…Because watching sports will never be the same once you play along with FireFan. It’s a Game Changer.

Start playing today!

Download your FireFan App, enter player rewards code: RADIOFIRE 

App Store:

Google Play:


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