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Adoptable Dogs of the Week!




Bluetick Coonhound

Adult, Male, Large

Coat Length – Short

House-trained – Yes

Health – Vaccinations are up-to-date, neutered, special needs (Trooper does best as the only dog in the home)

Good in a home with – children

Prefers a home without – other dogs, cats


Trooper is an awfully handsome FOS alumni that has found himself in need of a new home. A home that is savvy in the ways of the Coonhound. A home that knows no fence or enclosure is escape proof – Troopers motto is “under or over, either way…I’ve got some critters to tree”! A home that he prefers not have any other dogs but ones with kids are a-okay with him.

Trooper is 4.5 years old and is a big ol’ Bluetick boy. He was one of the pups born into FOS when we rescued his mama. Trooper is neutered, current on vaccines and ready to claim your sofa. Trooper is currently located on Maryland’s Eastern Shore.













Schnauzer/Dachshund Mix

Senior, Female, Small

Coat length – Medium

House Trained – Yes

Health – vaccinations are up-to-date, spayed, special needs.  Tootie is recovering from a massive yeast infection on her skin.  She will require medicated baths about every 2-4 weeks. Good in a home with – other dogs, cats, children

We have learned that Tootie is 10+ years old and has a massive yeast infection that is super lumpy bumpy and she has suffered with for some time now. The lower tip of her bottom jaw was broken at some point and she is missing most of her front teeth. Add on top of that an awful infection in each ear. You’d think she would be cranky being that uncomfortable. Nope – she asks for gentle pets and attention. Just the sweetest.

We are over the moon excited to announce that Tootie is now officially ready for adoption! If you have been looking for a sweet little love – this is your girl! She is so incredibly kind and loves to ask for pets! She is a low-key kinda girl who enjoys snacks and soap operas.














English Bulldog and Australian Shepherd Mix

Puppy, Female, Medium

Coat Length – Short

Health – vaccinations are up-to-date, special needs.  Ophelia is both blind and deaf and will require continued training and support (provided by the rescue).

Good in a home with – other dogs.

We are pleased to introduce you to our newest FOS addition, Ophelia (aka Ophie). She is 10 weeks old and acts just like any other puppy her age. The only difference? She cannot see or hear. She is one of the Perfectly Imperfects – our favorite kind of dog.

Ophelia is currently in training to learn all the basic skills a puppy needs to know – just in a slightly different way. We use touch, vibrations and smells in our training and interactions with Ophie. She is learning quickly and growing like a weed. Based on our knowledge of her past, we believe her to be a Bulldog/Aussie mix.

We are currently searching for a Foster Family and/or Adopter for Ophie. The ideal candidate will be within a reasonable distance from Hagerstown MD to continue her training. While Ophelia is a gorgeous and smoosh-able tiny puppy right now – she will grow. Her ideal forever family must be serious and committed to her training. While it may be novel to own a puppy with special needs, the commitment to her is for life. If you are interested in Ophelia as either a Foster Family or an Adopter, please send us a private message on FB or an email to After a preliminary Q&A, you will be invited to apply to foster/adopt. We welcome any and all questions!












Boog (aka Bear)

English Lab

Adult, Male, Large

Coat Length – Medium

Good in a home with – other dogs, cats.

Boog was referred to us as a surrender case. The first time we met him, we wept. His skin was raw from a super inflamed yeast infection. His nails were several inches long. His face was puffy and eyes almost swollen shut. Boog however did not know how bad his condition was – he greeted us with nothing but love and kisses! Boog has spent the last few weeks receiving much needed medical attention including medicated baths and other medications to improve his skin condition.


Boog weighs 106 pounds and legitimately acts like a 10 week old puppy. He is experiencing life as a dog for the very first time and is easily distracted by shiny objects! Boog is not super comfortable being outside yet and needs lots of reassurance. House training is going exceptionally well and once in his crate, he settles quickly. His ideal family would have another dog that he can follow and be friends with – he loves other dogs and is good with cats and chickens! We love this big boy and want to find his happily ever after!















For more information on adopting these sweet pups, check out For Otis Sake’s website @ There is info on all of the dogs that are available, how to become a foster pawrent and more about the rescue and how you can help!


Foster pawrents are in high demand! For Otis Sake is looking for people to provide a temporary safe haven for dogs looking for their forever home. All supplies, food and vet visits are covered by For Otis Sake. You would be providing a love, attention and a safe space for a dog in need. With 100’s of requests a week to save pets from their situations, being a foster can be the first step to a dog’s new life!


Ready to sign up and help? Complete the foster application today at


The mission of For Otis Sake Rescue Groups, Inc. is to rescue, rehab and re-home at risk dogs that have been pulled from under-funded and overcrowded shelters and animal control facilities across the United States.  We are a foster only organization currently with no facility.  Donations and money raised through our fundraising activities are used to cover veterinary and training expenses as well as  basic care for our rescued animals as we prepare them for their adoptive families.