Missed the answer to the Breakfast Brainbuster this morning?  

Thursday 7/31
Q: 43% of us admit we still have at least 1 of these around the house, even though it no longer works. What?
Jacob from Edinburg got it...air freshener!!! 

Wednesday 7/30
Q: A new survey reveals that liver is the most hated food. What is #2?
Alan from Point of Rocks correctly guessed...lima beans!!! 

Tuesday 7/29
Q: Over a quarter of women wish their men DID NOT own this. What?
Kirk from Frederick got it...a set of golf clubs!!! 

Monday 7/28
Q:  Half of men admit they've looked foolish doing this. What?
Lloyd from Halltown guessed correctly...opening a bottle of wine! 

previous questions/answers...

Friday 7/25
Q: 1 in 5 have misplaced a cell phone and found it here. Where?
Tim from Harpers Ferry got it right...in a laundry basket  :)

Thursday 7/24
Q:  1/2 of us do this ONCE a week, but 2% of us do this EVERYDAY. What?
Jack from Hagerstown correctly guessed...change our sheets! 

Wednesday 7/23
Q:  An average woman gets 100 of these in her lifetime. What?
Steven from Martinsburg got it...bouquets of flowers!!! 

Tuesday 7/22
Q:  Research shows we get visibly agitated if we have to wait more than 40 seconds for this. What?
Sharon from Hedgesville correctly guessed...wait for an elevator! 

Monday 7/21
Q:  About 20% of parents have done this somewhat deceitful act. What?
Fred from Williamsport had the right answer...replace a dead pet. 

Friday 7/18
Q: 40% of men say they love it when their wife does this. What?
Robert from Gerrardstown got it right...BURP!!! 

Thursday 7/17
Q:  1 in 5 men say they realize they are getting older when THIS happens. What?
Kurt from Hagerstown correctly guessed...complain that music is too loud! 

Wednesday 7/16
Q: 48% of men said that when women do THIS, they are more attractive. What?
Cole from Hagerstown got it right...wear glasses! 

Tuesday 7/15
Q: 19% of single men say THIS is the reason they are single. What?
Jimmy from Williamsport correctly guessed...embarrassing car! 

Monday 7/14
Q: 4% of men have done this in an attempt to pick-up a woman. What?
Joe from Martinsburg got it...fake an accent!!!