Missed the answer to the Breakfast Brainbuster this morning?

Thursday 9/18
Q: About 27% of us are so impatient, we do this. What?
Norma from St. Thomas correctly guessed...Eat food at the grocery store that we haven't paid for yet! 

Wednesday 9/17
Q: This costs women about $1,700 whenever they have to do it. Men will never have to do it. What?
Kim from Monrovia got it right...being a bridesmaid!!! 

Tuesday 9/16
Q: People have an easier time doing this on Tuesdays than any other day of the week? What?
Eddie from Williamsport is smart...going to the bank!!! 

Monday 9/15                                                                                                                       Q: Half of us have a problem with this when eating a meal. What?                                           Allison from Shippensburg got it.... Food touching other food on the plate!!!

previous questions & answers:

Friday 9/12
Q: A survey reveals that 3 out of 10 workers are doing this while at work. What?
Joe from Martinsburg had it right...looking for a new job!!! 

Thursday 9/11
Q: 1 in 3 women who do this, never tell anyone. What?
Jerry from Hagerstown got it...color their hair! 

Wednesday 9/10
Q: 13% of men admitted to doing this. What?
Kevin from State Line correctly guessed...trying on a bra!!! (SEXY!) 

Tuesday 9/9
Q: The average American spends over $900 a year on this. What?
Lori from Charlestown got it...take out/fast food!!! 

Monday 9/8
Q: More than 80% of women say a guy should NEVER wear this. What?
June from Frederick correctly guessed...a Speedo!!! 

Friday 9/5
Q: 6% of pet owners do this while on vacation. What?
Laura from Martinsburg got it right...send their pet a postcard! (WOOF) 

Thursday 9/4
Q: According to history.com, what is the world's oldest known recipe for?
Colin from Frederick knew it...BEER!!! (Hiccup)

Wednesday 9/3
Q: Women do this 150 times in their lifetime. What?
Mike from Frederick got it right...Change their hairstyle!!! 

Tuesday 9/2
Q: It takes the average woman 45% longer than men to do this. What?
Eddie from Williamsport correctly guessed...order from a menu!!! 

Friday 8/29
Q: According to a survey, shoppers spend up to 31% more when they smell this. What?
Dustin from Williamsport got it right...Oranges!!! 

Thursday 8/28
Q: According to GQ magazine, men admit that they do this more than women. What?
Frank from Monrovia correctly guessed...Go on a diet!!! 

Wednesday 8/27
Q: What HELPS a man in a job interview, but HURTS a woman?
Lloyd from Halltown got it...A wedding ring!!! 

Tuesday 8/26
Q: The average American uses 18 of these. What are they?
Robin from Cascade correctly guessed...TV channels!!! 

Monday 8/25
Q: Although men use them too, women buy 68% of them. What?
Dave from Kearneysville got it...ringtones!!! 

Friday 8/22
Q: Most of us consider this essential, but 12% of us don't even own one. What is it?
Tom from Frederick guessed correctly...An alarm clock 

Thursday 8/21
Q: The average woman will spend 70 days out of her life doing this. What?
Melissa from Hagerstown knew it...shaving their legs!!! 

Wednesday 8/20
Q: Americans spend $39 billion a year on this. What? 
Yvonne from Winchester got it...tipping!!! 

Tuesday 8/19
Q: 15% of male dog owners do this. What?
Ronald from Augusta correctly guessed...put clothes on their dogs! 

Monday 8/18
Q: When asked what are you most reluctant to discuss with your doctor, 10% of men said this. What?
Marguerite from Westminster got it right...smelly feet!!! 

Friday 8/15
Q: According to a survey of flight attendants, what's the worst thing people do on flights?
Claude from Shepherdstown correctly guessed...clip toenails!!! 

Thursday 8/14
Q: A survey of single adults reveals that most women have 4 of these, while men have 2. What?
Joe from Martinsburg got it right...pillows! 

Wednesday 8/13
Q: Relationship experts say women who have one of these, are more likely to cheat on their partner. What?
Mark from Baltimore correctly guessed...a personal trainer 

Tuesday 8/12
Q: The average kitchen has 6 of these? What?
Jimmy from Downsville said...refrigerator magnets!!! 

Monday 8/11
Q: 75% of people say NOT to do this on Facebook. What?
Benjamin from Charlestown guessed correctly...friend your boss!