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Wednesday 4/1
Q: About 8% of teens get into car accidents because they're doing THIS while driving. What?
John from Hagerstown knew it...singing or dancing!!! 

Tuesday 3/31
Q: 55% of people have hurt themselves doing THIS. What?
Steven from Stephens City got!!! 

Monday 3/30
Q: 15% of men admit to doing this frequently. What?
John from Boonsboro guessed correctly...shave their legs!!! 

Friday 3/27
Q: In Tennessee, it's illegal to do THIS in a cheese factory. What?
Jason from Rohrersville knew it...sleep!!! zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz 

Thursday 3/26
Q: The #1 purchaser of explosives in the U.S. is the government. Who's #2?
Sean from Sharpsburg got it...Walt Disney World!!! BOOOOOM!!! 

Wednesday 3/25
Q: This children's TV star's real 1st name is Sid. Who is it?
Mike from Hagerstown knew it was...Cookie Monster!!! "C IS FOR COOKIE!!!"

Tuesday 3/24
Q: About 55,000 people around the world die from THIS every year...but less than 5 people in America. What?
Mike from Keedysville had it...rabies!!! 

Monday 3/23
Q: While in Chicago it's illegal to take your dog to the theatre, in Baltimore, it's illegal to take THIS to the movies. What?
Matt from Leesburg got it right...a pet lion!!! ROAR!!!!! 

Friday 3/20
Q: There are only TWO states that have NEVER had a temperature over 100 degrees. Alaska and...?
John from Frederick correctly guessed...Hawaii!!! 

Thursday 3/19
Q: 7% of people WON'T replace their mattress until THIS happens. What?
Dianna from Timberville had it develops a nasty smell!!! 

Wednesday 3/18
Q: This week, about 12% of the U.S. population will do THIS. What?
Jeff from Hagerstown got it right...fill out an NCAA bracket!!! 

Tuesday 3/17
Q: $1,258,000 is the market value of what?
Amanda from Boonsboro had it...Leprechaun's pot of gold!!! Cha-ching $$$

Monday 3/16
Q:  There is a 70% increase in THIS during St. Patty's week. What?
Holly from Westminster got it...cabbage shipments!!! 

Friday 3/13
Q: The Olsen Twins, Julia-Louise Dreyfuss, Steve Buscemi, Butch Cassidy & Hootie all have THIS in common. What?
John from Harpers Ferry had it...born on Friday the 13th!!!

Thursday 3/12
Q: 4% of Americans have done this at least 3 times. What?
Josh from Inwood got it right...been married!!! 

Wednesday 3/11
Q: 9% of Canadians did THIS last year. What?
Kim from Waynesboro had it...visited Florida!!! 

Tuesday 3/10
Q: The average person hasn't done THIS for at least 1 1/2 years. What?
Maria from Frederick got it...written a letter!!! 

Monday 3/9
Q: The leading factor when people choose which side of the bed to sleep on, is being close to THIS. What?
Bill from Harpers Ferry correctly outlet!!! 

Friday 3/6
Q: When couples sleep in the same bed, MEN are more likely to do THIS. What?
Claude from Shepherdstown had it right...sleep on the right side of the bed!!! 

Thursday 3/5
Q: Since 2000, about 1 person a year in North America has been killed by THIS. What?
Ross from Hedgesville got it...a snake bite!!!

Wednesday 3/4
Q: 5% of Americans say THIS is their favorite kind of coffee. What?
Bobby from Mt. Airy had it right...iced coffee!!! 

Tuesday 3/3
Q: The top 3 desserts Americans eat at home are: cake, ice cream, and...?
Holly from Hagerstown knew it...fruit!!! 

Monday 3/2
Q: America's top export to China is THIS. What?
Lloyd from Halltown had it...garbage!!! 

Wednesday 2/25
Q: 15% of the air you breathe in a subway station is made up of THIS. What?
Melissa from Hagerstown got it right...human skin!!! Yucky 

Tuesday 2/24
Q: Rats do THIS when you tickle them. What?
Sharon from Hedgesville had it...laugh!!! 

Monday 2/23
Q: What male animal flexes it's biceps to attract females?
Elizabeth from Frederick got it...kangaroos!!! 

Friday 2/20
Q: THIS is 40,000 square feet. What?
Jerry from Hagerstown correctly guessed...The red carpet at the Oscar's!!! 

Thursday 2/19
Q: 7% of women & 18% of men say THIS helps them get dates. What?
Tom from Frederick had it...their dog!!! WOOF 

Wednesday 2/18
Q: 2% of couples have fallen in love HERE. Where?
Stanley from Chambersburg got it store!!! 

Tuesday 2/17
Q: The largest of THESE had an estimated 2 million calories. What?
Ronnie from Gerrardstown had it...pancake!!! 

Monday 2/16
Q: What is 168 feet long?
Matt from Leesburg got it right...the White House!!! 

Friday 2/13
Q: 15% of women do THIS on Valentine's Day. What?
Melissa from Hagerstown knew it...send flowers to themselves!!! 

Thursday 2/12
Q: A new survey by AAA reveals that 36% of drivers do THIS. What?
Brian from Keedysville got it red lights!!! ZOOOM!!! 

Wednesday 2/11
Q: A recent poll revealed that about 50% of us lie about how much we eat of THIS. What?
Carolyn from Hagerstown knew it...chocolate!!! YUMMY!!! 

Tuesday 2/10
Q: 16% of women have dumped a guy because of THIS. What?
Theresa from Warfordsburg had it...their mom didn't like him!!! 

Monday 2/9
Q: By the time a person in the U.S. is 65 years old, they will have seen about 2 million of THESE. What?
Trish from Hagerstown got it right...television commercials!!! 

Friday 2/6
Q: According to, 57% of people say THIS is a turn-off. What?
John from Mont Alto had it...taking excessive selfies!!! 

Thursday 2/5
Q: THIS happens on Friday more than any other day of the week. What?
Brian from Keedysville correctly robberies!!! 

Wednesday 2/4
Q: Every time you do THIS, an average of 600,000 other people around the world are doing it too. What?
Cassie from Waynesboro had it...hit the space bar on your keyboard!!! 

Tuesday 2/3
Q: The average person does this just over 1,800 times a year. What?
Jerry from Hagerstown got it right...yawns!!! 

Monday 2/2
Q: 56% of women say they would rather have THIS, than a big diamond engagement ring. What?
Josh from Inwood got it...a big walk-in closet!!! 

Friday 1/30
Q: The day AFTER the Super Bowl, there is a 20% increase in sales of THIS. What?
Diana from Timberville knew it...antacid!!! 

Thursday 1/29
Q: 4.3 million pounds of THIS will be consumed by fans during the Super Bowl. What?
Lisa from Frederick correctly guessed...pretzels!!! 

Wednesday 1/28
Q:33% of Americans will do THIS for the Super Bowl. What?
Melissa in Hagerstown knew the answer... place a bet!!! 

Tuesday 1/27
Q: 7.5 million people will do THIS for this Sunday's Big Game. What?
Kirk from Frederick got it a new TV!!!

Monday 1/26
Q: Bullet proof vests & laser printers have THIS in common. What?
David from Greencastle knew it...they were both invented by women!!! 

Friday 1/23
Q: Every time you do THIS, you're consuming 1/10th of a calorie. What?
Stacy from Jefferson got it...lick a stamp!!!

Thursday 1/22
Q: In proportion to it's size in the body, what's your strongest muscle?
Gary in Fayetteville knew it...your tongue!!! 

Wednesday 1/21
Q: It's scientifically proven that THIS makes you less productive. What?
Steve from Jefferson got it...being in love!!! 

Tuesday 1/20
Q: The average person does this in just 7 minutes. What?
Tom in Frederick knew the answer...falls asleep!!! 

Monday 1/19
Q: There are 293 ways to do THIS. What?
Dave from Kearneysville got it right...make change for $1!!! 

Friday 1/16
Q: According to Businessweek, 5% of us have one of THESE on us right now. What?
Kevin from Falling Waters knew it...a $100 bill!!!

Thursday 1/15
Q: According to National Geographic, it takes about 2,600 gallons of water to make 1 of what?Erica from Inwood got it...a single pair of blue jeans!!! (It takes that much water to grow the cotton) 

Wednesday 1/14
Q: 47% of us do THIS once a day. What?
Jade from Greencastle had it right...shower!!! (Only 47%? Yuck!) 

Tuesday 1/13
Q: THIS can be heard up to 5 miles away. What?
Ron from Augusta knew adult lion's roar!!! RRRROOOOOOOAAAARRR

Monday 1/12
Q: THIS has 400 times more bacteria than a toilet seat. What?
Cassie from Waynesboro had it desk!!! 

Friday 1/9
Q: Calvin Klein's "Obsession for Men" attracts what?
Barbara from Hagerstown got it...wild cats!!! 

Thursday 1/8
Q: Since 2002, there have been over 200 different flavors of THIS in Japan. What? 
Elliott from Inwood had the right answer...Kit Kats!!! 

Wednesday 1/7
Q: What is 15 inches wide & 8 inches thick?
Melissa from Hagerstown got it...the largest snowflake EVER!!! (1887 in Montana) 

Tuesday 1/6
Q: Women have more of THESE than men. What?
Bob from Mt. Airy correctly guessed...taste buds!!! 

Monday 1/5
Q: The average smartphone user does THIS 14 times a day. What?
Jen from Saxton had it right...check Facebook!!! 

Friday 1/2
Q: THIS has 18 times more bacteria than a toilet handle. What?
Chris from Bunker Hill got it...your cell phone!!! 

Wednesday 12/31
Q: Men do this 6 times a day, twice as much as women. What? 
Ronnie from Gerrardstown correctly guessed...lie!!!

Tuesday 12/30
Q: A guy is 3 times more likely to get a girl's phone # when he WHAT?
Carla from Hedgesville had it...has a dog with him!!! WOOF!!! 

Monday 12/29
Q: 54% of Americans do this every day. What?
Andrew in Knoxville knew the answer...drink coffee!!! 

Wednesday 12/24
Q: Women on average do this between 30 and 64 times a year. What?
Buster in Woodsboro had it right...Cry!!! 

Tuesday 12/23
Q: If everyone in the world did this properly, a million lives could be saved a year. What?
Beverly from Ranson had the correct answer... Wash their hands!!! 

Monday 12/22
Q: Cats have 32 muscles to control this, while humans have only 6. What?
Kevin from Hagerstown got it right...Outer Ear!!! 

Friday 12/19
Q: You are 7% more likely to die on THIS day than any other day of the year. When?
Kaitlyn from McConnellsburg has it right...your birthday!!! 

Thursday 12/18
Q: The average human will do this around 250,000 times in their lifetime. What?
Carly from Chambersburg got it...yawn!!! 

Wednesday 12/17
Q: 27% of Americans believe THIS helps decide the outcome of football games. What?
Scott from Frederick correctly guessed...belief in God!!! 

Tuesday 12/16
Q: 23% of people think an MP3 is THIS? What?
John from Williamsport got it right...a "Star Wars" robot!!! 

Monday 12/15
Q: 1 out of 70 people eat THIS. What?
Ralph from Chambersburg has it...their boogers!!! YUCKY!!! 

Friday 12/12
Q: 69% of men say they would rather do THIS in private than in public. What? 
Stanley from Chambersburg correctly guessed...break-up with a girl!!! 

Thursday 12/11
Q: A typical person does this 6 times a day. What?
Beth from Boonsboro got it...goes to the bathroom!!! 

Wednesday 12/10
Q: 81% of people would tell an acquaintance THIS. What?
Jim from Martinsburg guessed it... Tell the person their zipper is down!

Tuesday 12/9
Q: 8% of women are THIS. What?
Tom from Frederick got it...left-handed!!!

Monday 12 /8
Q: 12% of men NEVER do this. What?
Steve from Winchester correctly guessed...use their turn signal!!! 

Friday 12/5
Q: 78% of us would rather die than live HERE. Where?
Ginger from Boonsboro got a nursing/retirement home!!! 

Thursday 12/4
Q: 30% of us refuse to do THIS. What?
Bob from Chambersburg has it right...sit on a public toilet seat!!! 

Wednesday 12/3
Q: 32% of men have a crush on a woman who has THIS profession. What?
Brian from Hagerstown got or traffic girl!!! 

Tuesday 12/2
Q: 33% of THESE happen between Thanksgiving & New Year's Eve. What?
Steven from Stephens City correctly guessed...engagements!!! 

Monday 12/1
Q: 44% of people have had this happen to them. What?
Tom from Rocky Ridge got it right...broken a bone!!!  OWWW! 

Wednesday 11/26
Q: 96% of homes in the U.S. have THIS. What?
Michael from Charlestown has it...a bottle of ketchup!!! 

Tuesday 11/25
Q: 58% of women do THIS regularly. What?
Stanley from Chambersburg got it right...paint their nails!!! 

Monday 11/24
Q: Only 30% of us know THIS about ourselves. What?
John from Boonsboro correctly guessed...our cholesterol level!!!

Friday 11/21
Q: Nearly 1/3rd of women in the U.S. do THIS. What?
Stacy from Jefferson got it...color their hair!!! 

Thursday 11/20
Q: 49% of us don't know how to do THIS. What?
Joe from Hagerstown has it right...change a tire!!! 

Wednesday 11/19
Q: 1% of people do NOT know how to do THIS. What?
John from Harpers Ferry got it...pump their own gas!!! 

Tuesday 11/18
Q: 45% of drivers do this. What?
Suzette from Smithsburg has it right...consistently follow the speed limit!!! ZOOM!!! 

Monday 11/17
Q: 57% of women fear THIS. What?
Claude from Shepherdstown got it...getting grey hair!!! 

Friday 11/14
Q: 40% of women said they would leave their boyfriend because of THIS. What?
John from Hagerstown has it right...if their friends didn't like him!!! 

Thursday 11/13
Q: Only 4% of men have done THIS. What?
Gary from Bunker Hill got it...asked the parents approval!!!

Wednesday 11/12
Q: 40% of dog owners do this. What?
Michelle from Frederick has it right...hang a holiday stocking for their dog!!! WOOF! 

Tuesday 11/11
Q: 71% of us know how to do THIS. What?
Tim from Harpers Ferry correctly a stick-shift vehicle!!! 

Monday 11/10
Q: According to a survey from dating website Zoosk, 89% of men notice THIS first about a woman's appearance. What?
Sue from Warfordsburg got it...good hair!!! 

Friday 11/7
Q: 14% of us have done THIS with the opposite sex. What?
Debbie from Warfordsburg correctly guessed...skinny-dipped!!! WOO HOO! 

Thursday 11/6
Q: 16% of us have forgotten THIS. What?
Frank from New Market got it right...our wedding anniversary!!! 

Wednesday 11/5
Q: 20% of us have done this at one time in our life. What?
Ronny from Gerraedstown has it...played in a band!!! 

Tuesday 11/4
Q: 85% of us will eat THIS, this year. What?
Eric from Cumberland got it right...Spam!!! 

Monday 11/3
Q: 75% of people do THIS in the shower. What?
Jim from Boonsboro correctly guessed...wash from top to bottom!!! 

Friday 10/31
Q: Americans purchase over 20 million pounds of THIS a year. What?
John from Harpers Ferry got it...candy corn!!! 

Thursday 10/30
Q: WHO claims they're right 85% of the time?
Jade from Greencastle correctly guessed...Meteorologists!!! 

Wednesday 10/29
Q: Since their invention, more than 189 billion of these have been made. What?
Tom from Frederick has it...Legos!!! 

Tuesday 10/28
Q: 40,000 Americans are injured every year by THIS. What?
Jim from New Market got it right...toilets!!! 

Monday 10/27
Q: About 50% of us do THIS at the movies. What?
Eddie from Williamsport has it...sneak in food!!! 

Friday 10/24
Q: The average person over 50 will have spent 5 years of their life doing this. What?
Chuck from Frederick got it...waiting in line!!! 

Thursday 10/23
Q: Since 1978, at least 37 people have died as a result of THIS. What?
John form Hagerstown has it...shaking a vending machine & having it fall on them!!! 

Wednesday 10/22
Q: Every day, 76% of women do this, while only 46% of men do it. What?
Robert from Mt. Airy got it...make their bed!!! 

Tuesday 10/21
Q: There are about 15,000 accidents related to THIS every year. What?
Stanley from Chambersburg has it...vacuum cleaners!!! 

Monday 10/20
Q: Over 15 billion of these have been given away. What?
Joe from Martinsburg knew the answer...Cracker Jack prizes!!! 

Friday 10/17
Q: Of all the states, Hawaii has the highest percentage of this. What?
Donna from Hagerstown has it...cremations!!! 

Thursday 10/16
Q: 90% of American homes have at least one of these. What?
Joan from Hagerstown correctly guessed...a remote control!!! 

Wednesday 10/15
Q: It's estimated that 60% of these don't work. What?
Joe from Hagerstown got it...smoke detectors!!! 

Tuesday 10/14
Q: 6% of men make this clothing choice. What?
Frank from New Market correctly guessed...They don't wear underwear!!! 

Monday 10/13
Q: The average American will do this 11 times in their lifetime. What?
Tim from Harpers Ferry has it right...move!!! 

Friday 10/10
Q: Most humans can guess someone's gender with 95% accuracy by doing this. What?
Brent from Frederick got it...smelling their breath!!! 

Thursday 10/9
Q: About 25% of males never do this. What?
Jim from Martinsburg correctly guessed...use deodorant!!! eww! 

Wednesday 10/8
Q: 40% of the American population has never visited ___. What?
Kevin from Falling Waters is smart...a dentist!!! 

Tuesday 10/7
Q: Somebody on Earth does this every 3 minutes. What?
Willie from Winchester knew it...reports seeing a UFO!!! 

Monday 10/6
Q: A quarter of all people who take a briefcase to work, have THIS inside it. What?
Eddie from Williamsport has it...something for self-defense!!!

Friday 10/3

Q: 36% of adults said they would like THIS at work. What?
Carla from Hedgesville knew it...nap time!!! zzzzzzzzzzzz 

Thursday 10/2
Q: More than 1/3rd of Americans would rather live HERE than in the White House. Where?
Janice from Walkersville is smart...a tree house!!! 

Wednesday 10/1
Q: According to, about 40% of men LIE about THIS on their dating profile. What?
Frank from Monrovia knew the answer...having kids!!! 

Tuesday 9/30
Q: Other than other vehicles, trees are the #1 thing hit by vehicles. What's #2?
Felicia from Shepherdstown got it right...utility polls!!! 

Monday 9/29
Q: People age 55 and older do THIS more than any other age group. What?
Marsha from McConnellsburg has it...Smile :) 

Friday 9/26
Q: 25% of people say THIS is a bad place to go on a 1st date. Where?
Felicia form Shepherdstown got it right...a sporting event!!! 

Thursday 9/25
Q: According to the USA Today, 3 out of 10 people admit to doing this at least once a week. What?
Michelle from Hagerstown is a red light!!! 

Wednesday 9/24
Q: Close to 40% of people despise THIS, because they are no good at it. What?
Chris from Yellow Spring got it...parallel park!!! 

Tuesday 9/23
Q: Coffee is the most recognizable smell. What is #2?
Wade from Fairfield correctly guessed...peanut butter!!! YUMMY 

Monday 9/22
Q: Research shows that THIS is the #1 thing moms dream about. What?
Tom from Frederick had it...winning the lottery!!! $$$ 

Friday 9/19
Q: Studies show that Americans use this 3 times more than any other country. What?
Chris from Hagerstown got it right...toilet paper!!! 

Thursday 9/18
Q: About 27% of us are so impatient, we do this. What?
Norma from St. Thomas correctly guessed...Eat food at the grocery store that we haven't paid for yet! 

Wednesday 9/17
Q: This costs women about $1,700 whenever they have to do it. Men will never have to do it. What?
Kim from Monrovia got it right...being a bridesmaid!!! 

Tuesday 9/16
Q: People have an easier time doing this on Tuesdays than any other day of the week? What?
Eddie from Williamsport is smart...going to the bank!!! 

Monday 9/15                                                                                                                       Q: Half of us have a problem with this when eating a meal. What?                                           Allison from Shippensburg got it.... Food touching other food on the plate!!!

Friday 9/12
Q: A survey reveals that 3 out of 10 workers are doing this while at work. What?
Joe from Martinsburg had it right...looking for a new job!!! 

Thursday 9/11
Q: 1 in 3 women who do this, never tell anyone. What?
Jerry from Hagerstown got it...color their hair! 

Wednesday 9/10
Q: 13% of men admitted to doing this. What?
Kevin from State Line correctly guessed...trying on a bra!!! (SEXY!) 

Tuesday 9/9
Q: The average American spends over $900 a year on this. What?
Lori from Charlestown got it...take out/fast food!!! 

Monday 9/8
Q: More than 80% of women say a guy should NEVER wear this. What?
June from Frederick correctly guessed...a Speedo!!! 

Friday 9/5
Q: 6% of pet owners do this while on vacation. What?
Laura from Martinsburg got it right...send their pet a postcard! (WOOF) 

Thursday 9/4
Q: According to, what is the world's oldest known recipe for?
Colin from Frederick knew it...BEER!!! (Hiccup)

Wednesday 9/3
Q: Women do this 150 times in their lifetime. What?
Mike from Frederick got it right...Change their hairstyle!!! 

Tuesday 9/2
Q: It takes the average woman 45% longer than men to do this. What?
Eddie from Williamsport correctly guessed...order from a menu!!! 

Friday 8/29
Q: According to a survey, shoppers spend up to 31% more when they smell this. What?
Dustin from Williamsport got it right...Oranges!!! 

Thursday 8/28
Q: According to GQ magazine, men admit that they do this more than women. What?
Frank from Monrovia correctly guessed...Go on a diet!!! 

Wednesday 8/27
Q: What HELPS a man in a job interview, but HURTS a woman?
Lloyd from Halltown got it...A wedding ring!!! 

Tuesday 8/26
Q: The average American uses 18 of these. What are they?
Robin from Cascade correctly guessed...TV channels!!! 

Monday 8/25
Q: Although men use them too, women buy 68% of them. What?
Dave from Kearneysville got it...ringtones!!! 

Friday 8/22
Q: Most of us consider this essential, but 12% of us don't even own one. What is it?
Tom from Frederick guessed correctly...An alarm clock 

Thursday 8/21
Q: The average woman will spend 70 days out of her life doing this. What?
Melissa from Hagerstown knew it...shaving their legs!!! 

Wednesday 8/20
Q: Americans spend $39 billion a year on this. What? 
Yvonne from Winchester got it...tipping!!! 

Tuesday 8/19
Q: 15% of male dog owners do this. What?
Ronald from Augusta correctly guessed...put clothes on their dogs! 

Monday 8/18
Q: When asked what are you most reluctant to discuss with your doctor, 10% of men said this. What?
Marguerite from Westminster got it right...smelly feet!!! 

Friday 8/15
Q: According to a survey of flight attendants, what's the worst thing people do on flights?
Claude from Shepherdstown correctly guessed...clip toenails!!! 

Thursday 8/14
Q: A survey of single adults reveals that most women have 4 of these, while men have 2. What?
Joe from Martinsburg got it right...pillows! 

Wednesday 8/13
Q: Relationship experts say women who have one of these, are more likely to cheat on their partner. What?
Mark from Baltimore correctly guessed...a personal trainer 

Tuesday 8/12
Q: The average kitchen has 6 of these? What?
Jimmy from Downsville said...refrigerator magnets!!! 

Monday 8/11
Q: 75% of people say NOT to do this on Facebook. What?
Benjamin from Charlestown guessed correctly...friend your boss!