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Thursday 1/29
Q: 4.3 million pounds of THIS will be consumed by fans during the Super Bowl. What?
Lisa from Frederick correctly guessed...pretzels!!! 

Wednesday 1/28
Q:33% of Americans will do THIS for the Super Bowl. What?
Melissa in Hagerstown knew the answer... place a bet!!! 

Tuesday 1/27
Q: 7.5 million people will do THIS for this Sunday's Big Game. What?
Kirk from Frederick got it a new TV!!!

Monday 1/26
Q: Bullet proof vests & laser printers have THIS in common. What?
David from Greencastle knew it...they were both invented by women!!! 

Friday 1/23
Q: Every time you do THIS, you're consuming 1/10th of a calorie. What?
Stacy from Jefferson got it...lick a stamp!!!

Thursday 1/22
Q: In proportion to it's size in the body, what's your strongest muscle?
Gary in Fayetteville knew it...your tongue!!! 

Wednesday 1/21
Q: It's scientifically proven that THIS makes you less productive. What?
Steve from Jefferson got it...being in love!!! 

Tuesday 1/20
Q: The average person does this in just 7 minutes. What?
Tom in Frederick knew the answer...falls asleep!!! 

Monday 1/19
Q: There are 293 ways to do THIS. What?
Dave from Kearneysville got it right...make change for $1!!! 

Friday 1/16
Q: According to Businessweek, 5% of us have one of THESE on us right now. What?
Kevin from Falling Waters knew it...a $100 bill!!!

Thursday 1/15
Q: According to National Geographic, it takes about 2,600 gallons of water to make 1 of what?Erica from Inwood got it...a single pair of blue jeans!!! (It takes that much water to grow the cotton) 

Wednesday 1/14
Q: 47% of us do THIS once a day. What?
Jade from Greencastle had it right...shower!!! (Only 47%? Yuck!) 

Tuesday 1/13
Q: THIS can be heard up to 5 miles away. What?
Ron from Augusta knew adult lion's roar!!! RRRROOOOOOOAAAARRR

Monday 1/12
Q: THIS has 400 times more bacteria than a toilet seat. What?
Cassie from Waynesboro had it desk!!! 

Friday 1/9
Q: Calvin Klein's "Obsession for Men" attracts what?
Barbara from Hagerstown got it...wild cats!!! 

Thursday 1/8
Q: Since 2002, there have been over 200 different flavors of THIS in Japan. What? 
Elliott from Inwood had the right answer...Kit Kats!!! 

Wednesday 1/7
Q: What is 15 inches wide & 8 inches thick?
Melissa from Hagerstown got it...the largest snowflake EVER!!! (1887 in Montana) 

Tuesday 1/6
Q: Women have more of THESE than men. What?
Bob from Mt. Airy correctly guessed...taste buds!!! 

Monday 1/5
Q: The average smartphone user does THIS 14 times a day. What?
Jen from Saxton had it right...check Facebook!!! 

Friday 1/2
Q: THIS has 18 times more bacteria than a toilet handle. What?
Chris from Bunker Hill got it...your cell phone!!! 

Wednesday 12/31
Q: Men do this 6 times a day, twice as much as women. What? 
Ronnie from Gerrardstown correctly guessed...lie!!!

Tuesday 12/30
Q: A guy is 3 times more likely to get a girl's phone # when he WHAT?
Carla from Hedgesville had it...has a dog with him!!! WOOF!!! 

Monday 12/29
Q: 54% of Americans do this every day. What?
Andrew in Knoxville knew the answer...drink coffee!!! 

Wednesday 12/24
Q: Women on average do this between 30 and 64 times a year. What?
Buster in Woodsboro had it right...Cry!!! 

Tuesday 12/23
Q: If everyone in the world did this properly, a million lives could be saved a year. What?
Beverly from Ranson had the correct answer... Wash their hands!!! 

Monday 12/22
Q: Cats have 32 muscles to control this, while humans have only 6. What?
Kevin from Hagerstown got it right...Outer Ear!!! 

Friday 12/19
Q: You are 7% more likely to die on THIS day than any other day of the year. When?
Kaitlyn from McConnellsburg has it right...your birthday!!! 

Thursday 12/18
Q: The average human will do this around 250,000 times in their lifetime. What?
Carly from Chambersburg got it...yawn!!! 

Wednesday 12/17
Q: 27% of Americans believe THIS helps decide the outcome of football games. What?
Scott from Frederick correctly guessed...belief in God!!! 

Tuesday 12/16
Q: 23% of people think an MP3 is THIS? What?
John from Williamsport got it right...a "Star Wars" robot!!! 

Monday 12/15
Q: 1 out of 70 people eat THIS. What?
Ralph from Chambersburg has it...their boogers!!! YUCKY!!! 

Friday 12/12
Q: 69% of men say they would rather do THIS in private than in public. What? 
Stanley from Chambersburg correctly guessed...break-up with a girl!!! 

Thursday 12/11
Q: A typical person does this 6 times a day. What?
Beth from Boonsboro got it...goes to the bathroom!!! 

Wednesday 12/10
Q: 81% of people would tell an acquaintance THIS. What?
Jim from Martinsburg guessed it... Tell the person their zipper is down!

Tuesday 12/9
Q: 8% of women are THIS. What?
Tom from Frederick got it...left-handed!!!

Monday 12 /8
Q: 12% of men NEVER do this. What?
Steve from Winchester correctly guessed...use their turn signal!!! 

Friday 12/5
Q: 78% of us would rather die than live HERE. Where?
Ginger from Boonsboro got a nursing/retirement home!!! 

Thursday 12/4
Q: 30% of us refuse to do THIS. What?
Bob from Chambersburg has it right...sit on a public toilet seat!!! 

Wednesday 12/3
Q: 32% of men have a crush on a woman who has THIS profession. What?
Brian from Hagerstown got or traffic girl!!! 

Tuesday 12/2
Q: 33% of THESE happen between Thanksgiving & New Year's Eve. What?
Steven from Stephens City correctly guessed...engagements!!! 

Monday 12/1
Q: 44% of people have had this happen to them. What?
Tom from Rocky Ridge got it right...broken a bone!!!  OWWW! 

Wednesday 11/26
Q: 96% of homes in the U.S. have THIS. What?
Michael from Charlestown has it...a bottle of ketchup!!! 

Tuesday 11/25
Q: 58% of women do THIS regularly. What?
Stanley from Chambersburg got it right...paint their nails!!! 

Monday 11/24
Q: Only 30% of us know THIS about ourselves. What?
John from Boonsboro correctly guessed...our cholesterol level!!!

Friday 11/21
Q: Nearly 1/3rd of women in the U.S. do THIS. What?
Stacy from Jefferson got it...color their hair!!! 

Thursday 11/20
Q: 49% of us don't know how to do THIS. What?
Joe from Hagerstown has it right...change a tire!!! 

Wednesday 11/19
Q: 1% of people do NOT know how to do THIS. What?
John from Harpers Ferry got it...pump their own gas!!! 

Tuesday 11/18
Q: 45% of drivers do this. What?
Suzette from Smithsburg has it right...consistently follow the speed limit!!! ZOOM!!! 

Monday 11/17
Q: 57% of women fear THIS. What?
Claude from Shepherdstown got it...getting grey hair!!! 

Friday 11/14
Q: 40% of women said they would leave their boyfriend because of THIS. What?
John from Hagerstown has it right...if their friends didn't like him!!! 

Thursday 11/13
Q: Only 4% of men have done THIS. What?
Gary from Bunker Hill got it...asked the parents approval!!!

Wednesday 11/12
Q: 40% of dog owners do this. What?
Michelle from Frederick has it right...hang a holiday stocking for their dog!!! WOOF! 

Tuesday 11/11
Q: 71% of us know how to do THIS. What?
Tim from Harpers Ferry correctly a stick-shift vehicle!!! 

Monday 11/10
Q: According to a survey from dating website Zoosk, 89% of men notice THIS first about a woman's appearance. What?
Sue from Warfordsburg got it...good hair!!! 

Friday 11/7
Q: 14% of us have done THIS with the opposite sex. What?
Debbie from Warfordsburg correctly guessed...skinny-dipped!!! WOO HOO! 

Thursday 11/6
Q: 16% of us have forgotten THIS. What?
Frank from New Market got it right...our wedding anniversary!!! 

Wednesday 11/5
Q: 20% of us have done this at one time in our life. What?
Ronny from Gerraedstown has it...played in a band!!! 

Tuesday 11/4
Q: 85% of us will eat THIS, this year. What?
Eric from Cumberland got it right...Spam!!! 

Monday 11/3
Q: 75% of people do THIS in the shower. What?
Jim from Boonsboro correctly guessed...wash from top to bottom!!! 

Friday 10/31
Q: Americans purchase over 20 million pounds of THIS a year. What?
John from Harpers Ferry got it...candy corn!!! 

Thursday 10/30
Q: WHO claims they're right 85% of the time?
Jade from Greencastle correctly guessed...Meteorologists!!! 

Wednesday 10/29
Q: Since their invention, more than 189 billion of these have been made. What?
Tom from Frederick has it...Legos!!! 

Tuesday 10/28
Q: 40,000 Americans are injured every year by THIS. What?
Jim from New Market got it right...toilets!!! 

Monday 10/27
Q: About 50% of us do THIS at the movies. What?
Eddie from Williamsport has it...sneak in food!!! 

Friday 10/24
Q: The average person over 50 will have spent 5 years of their life doing this. What?
Chuck from Frederick got it...waiting in line!!! 

Thursday 10/23
Q: Since 1978, at least 37 people have died as a result of THIS. What?
John form Hagerstown has it...shaking a vending machine & having it fall on them!!! 

Wednesday 10/22
Q: Every day, 76% of women do this, while only 46% of men do it. What?
Robert from Mt. Airy got it...make their bed!!! 

Tuesday 10/21
Q: There are about 15,000 accidents related to THIS every year. What?
Stanley from Chambersburg has it...vacuum cleaners!!! 

Monday 10/20
Q: Over 15 billion of these have been given away. What?
Joe from Martinsburg knew the answer...Cracker Jack prizes!!! 

Friday 10/17
Q: Of all the states, Hawaii has the highest percentage of this. What?
Donna from Hagerstown has it...cremations!!! 

Thursday 10/16
Q: 90% of American homes have at least one of these. What?
Joan from Hagerstown correctly guessed...a remote control!!! 

Wednesday 10/15
Q: It's estimated that 60% of these don't work. What?
Joe from Hagerstown got it...smoke detectors!!! 

Tuesday 10/14
Q: 6% of men make this clothing choice. What?
Frank from New Market correctly guessed...They don't wear underwear!!! 

Monday 10/13
Q: The average American will do this 11 times in their lifetime. What?
Tim from Harpers Ferry has it right...move!!! 

Friday 10/10
Q: Most humans can guess someone's gender with 95% accuracy by doing this. What?
Brent from Frederick got it...smelling their breath!!! 

Thursday 10/9
Q: About 25% of males never do this. What?
Jim from Martinsburg correctly guessed...use deodorant!!! eww! 

Wednesday 10/8
Q: 40% of the American population has never visited ___. What?
Kevin from Falling Waters is smart...a dentist!!! 

Tuesday 10/7
Q: Somebody on Earth does this every 3 minutes. What?
Willie from Winchester knew it...reports seeing a UFO!!! 

Monday 10/6
Q: A quarter of all people who take a briefcase to work, have THIS inside it. What?
Eddie from Williamsport has it...something for self-defense!!!

Friday 10/3

Q: 36% of adults said they would like THIS at work. What?
Carla from Hedgesville knew it...nap time!!! zzzzzzzzzzzz 

Thursday 10/2
Q: More than 1/3rd of Americans would rather live HERE than in the White House. Where?
Janice from Walkersville is smart...a tree house!!! 

Wednesday 10/1
Q: According to, about 40% of men LIE about THIS on their dating profile. What?
Frank from Monrovia knew the answer...having kids!!! 

Tuesday 9/30
Q: Other than other vehicles, trees are the #1 thing hit by vehicles. What's #2?
Felicia from Shepherdstown got it right...utility polls!!! 

Monday 9/29
Q: People age 55 and older do THIS more than any other age group. What?
Marsha from McConnellsburg has it...Smile :) 

Friday 9/26
Q: 25% of people say THIS is a bad place to go on a 1st date. Where?
Felicia form Shepherdstown got it right...a sporting event!!! 

Thursday 9/25
Q: According to the USA Today, 3 out of 10 people admit to doing this at least once a week. What?
Michelle from Hagerstown is a red light!!! 

Wednesday 9/24
Q: Close to 40% of people despise THIS, because they are no good at it. What?
Chris from Yellow Spring got it...parallel park!!! 

Tuesday 9/23
Q: Coffee is the most recognizable smell. What is #2?
Wade from Fairfield correctly guessed...peanut butter!!! YUMMY 

Monday 9/22
Q: Research shows that THIS is the #1 thing moms dream about. What?
Tom from Frederick had it...winning the lottery!!! $$$ 

Friday 9/19
Q: Studies show that Americans use this 3 times more than any other country. What?
Chris from Hagerstown got it right...toilet paper!!! 

Thursday 9/18
Q: About 27% of us are so impatient, we do this. What?
Norma from St. Thomas correctly guessed...Eat food at the grocery store that we haven't paid for yet! 

Wednesday 9/17
Q: This costs women about $1,700 whenever they have to do it. Men will never have to do it. What?
Kim from Monrovia got it right...being a bridesmaid!!! 

Tuesday 9/16
Q: People have an easier time doing this on Tuesdays than any other day of the week? What?
Eddie from Williamsport is smart...going to the bank!!! 

Monday 9/15                                                                                                                       Q: Half of us have a problem with this when eating a meal. What?                                           Allison from Shippensburg got it.... Food touching other food on the plate!!!

Friday 9/12
Q: A survey reveals that 3 out of 10 workers are doing this while at work. What?
Joe from Martinsburg had it right...looking for a new job!!! 

Thursday 9/11
Q: 1 in 3 women who do this, never tell anyone. What?
Jerry from Hagerstown got it...color their hair! 

Wednesday 9/10
Q: 13% of men admitted to doing this. What?
Kevin from State Line correctly guessed...trying on a bra!!! (SEXY!) 

Tuesday 9/9
Q: The average American spends over $900 a year on this. What?
Lori from Charlestown got it...take out/fast food!!! 

Monday 9/8
Q: More than 80% of women say a guy should NEVER wear this. What?
June from Frederick correctly guessed...a Speedo!!! 

Friday 9/5
Q: 6% of pet owners do this while on vacation. What?
Laura from Martinsburg got it right...send their pet a postcard! (WOOF) 

Thursday 9/4
Q: According to, what is the world's oldest known recipe for?
Colin from Frederick knew it...BEER!!! (Hiccup)

Wednesday 9/3
Q: Women do this 150 times in their lifetime. What?
Mike from Frederick got it right...Change their hairstyle!!! 

Tuesday 9/2
Q: It takes the average woman 45% longer than men to do this. What?
Eddie from Williamsport correctly guessed...order from a menu!!! 

Friday 8/29
Q: According to a survey, shoppers spend up to 31% more when they smell this. What?
Dustin from Williamsport got it right...Oranges!!! 

Thursday 8/28
Q: According to GQ magazine, men admit that they do this more than women. What?
Frank from Monrovia correctly guessed...Go on a diet!!! 

Wednesday 8/27
Q: What HELPS a man in a job interview, but HURTS a woman?
Lloyd from Halltown got it...A wedding ring!!! 

Tuesday 8/26
Q: The average American uses 18 of these. What are they?
Robin from Cascade correctly guessed...TV channels!!! 

Monday 8/25
Q: Although men use them too, women buy 68% of them. What?
Dave from Kearneysville got it...ringtones!!! 

Friday 8/22
Q: Most of us consider this essential, but 12% of us don't even own one. What is it?
Tom from Frederick guessed correctly...An alarm clock 

Thursday 8/21
Q: The average woman will spend 70 days out of her life doing this. What?
Melissa from Hagerstown knew it...shaving their legs!!! 

Wednesday 8/20
Q: Americans spend $39 billion a year on this. What? 
Yvonne from Winchester got it...tipping!!! 

Tuesday 8/19
Q: 15% of male dog owners do this. What?
Ronald from Augusta correctly guessed...put clothes on their dogs! 

Monday 8/18
Q: When asked what are you most reluctant to discuss with your doctor, 10% of men said this. What?
Marguerite from Westminster got it right...smelly feet!!! 

Friday 8/15
Q: According to a survey of flight attendants, what's the worst thing people do on flights?
Claude from Shepherdstown correctly guessed...clip toenails!!! 

Thursday 8/14
Q: A survey of single adults reveals that most women have 4 of these, while men have 2. What?
Joe from Martinsburg got it right...pillows! 

Wednesday 8/13
Q: Relationship experts say women who have one of these, are more likely to cheat on their partner. What?
Mark from Baltimore correctly guessed...a personal trainer 

Tuesday 8/12
Q: The average kitchen has 6 of these? What?
Jimmy from Downsville said...refrigerator magnets!!! 

Monday 8/11
Q: 75% of people say NOT to do this on Facebook. What?
Benjamin from Charlestown guessed correctly...friend your boss!