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Season of Hope is an annual holiday season fundraising campaign to benefit local organizations that work to end homelessness in Frederick County. Season of Hope began in 2012 as a collaborative effort between The Frederick News-Post and four local charitable organizations, with Frederick County Bank and the Community Foundation of Frederick County as key supporting launch partners.

In its first year, Season of Hope directly raised almost $40,000 and indirectly boosted community giving to the participating organizations by thousands more. Once the campaign was publicly announced, a number of local businesses and organizations spontaneously added their support to the campaign, helping the campaign reach even more broadly into the community.

For 2013, the charitable organizations that receive funding through FNP Season of Hope will include Advocates for Homeless FamiliesHeartly HouseThe Frederick Rescue Mission and The Religious Coalition For Emergency Human Needs.

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How it works

To raise public awareness of homelessness in Frederick County and to highlight the work being done by FNP Season of Hope partners to combat it, The Frederick News-Post kicks off the campaign with an extensive series of stories on the issue. Many of the stories focus on individuals or families who have been affected by homelessness.

The news stories are accompanied by appeals for contributions from the public. News coverage is augmented by extensive advertising support, including frequent reports on the campaign's progress.

How can people contribute?

We make it easy to participate!

You can text "SOH" to 50155. Follow instructions to give an amount of your choosing.

Frederick County Bank provides donation forms and support at all of its branch offices during the campaign.

We accept donations online at

During the 12 days of Hope, local businesses will be conducting fundraisers, with many dedicating a portion of their daily proceeds to the Season of Hope.

We also accept donations mailed to Season of Hope c/o Frederick County Bank, PO Box 1100, Frederick, MD 21702

Where do the contributions go?

FNP Season of Hope started out to benefit four small non-profits in Frederick County, all focused on providing long-term solutions to homelessness: Advocates for Homeless Families, Heartley House, The Frederick Rescue Mission and Hope Alive.

Hope Alive ceased operations in 2013. The organizations and supporting partners behind FNP Season of Hope are excited to add the Religious Coalition for Emergency Human Needs in its place. The Religious Coalition provides a wide range of services to families and individuals in need, helping to avert homelessness.

The goal of the campaign is to return at least 90 percent of all contributions to the participating organizations. Contributions are split evenly among the participating organizations.

Are contributions tax-deductible?

Yes. Documentation for tax purposes is provided to donors by the Community Foundation of Frederick County.

What's distinctive about the Season of Hope?

FNP Season of Hope is a true collaboration with the organizations. Although The News-Post runs the campaign, important decisions about the campaign require the agreement of the recipient organizations.

Similarly, FNP Season of Hope is intended to provide a charitable outreach avenue for other local businesses and organizations.

Is this a religiously based campaign?

No. Several of the organizations do have ties to religious institutions, but FNP Season of Hope is not religious in nature and participating organizations do not discriminate on the basis of religion.