The complete album won’t be out until March 5, but if you’re interested in getting a sneak preview at a cut from the new Jimi Hendrix compilation ‘People, Hell & Angels,’ you’re in luck.

NME has debuted a stream of the album cut ‘Earth Blues,’ which (as we reported previously) has surfaced in different incarnations on a pair of previous posthumous Hendrix releases: 1971′s ‘Rainbow Bridge’ and 1997′s ‘First Rays of the New Rising Sun.’ As co-producer John McDermott discussed in a recent interview, ‘Blues’ dates from a May 1969 session when it “was one of the songs that Jimi showcased to [drummer] Buddy [Miles] and [bassist] Billy [Cox]. While they didn’t get it then, they certainly had an interesting handle on it.”

‘Earth Blues’ arrives roughly a month after the ‘People, Hell & Angels’ track ‘Somewhere,’ which — like the other songs on the album — stretches the definition of “previously unreleased” by offering a sonically rejiggered take on archival material that’s already familiar to diehard Hendrix fans. But even if this stuff isn’t exactly brand new, it should provide some measure of satisfaction to longtime listeners who’ve been displeased with the occasionally cavalier approach taken to the legendary guitarist’s catalog. In McDermott’s words, “To us, this is the version that has all the right pieces. It’s got the original instrumentation and none of the posthumous overdubbing.”

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