Looking for something to do this weekend? There's lots going on in our area!


Phil’s Phive recommendations this weekend,

In theaters:

“We’re the Millers”

Jason Sudekis is a slacker, Jennifer Aniston is a dancer and together they pretend to be a wholesome family so they can successfully smuggle a few bails across the border.  Hillarious … and a bold departure for Jennifer. (She’ll always be Rachel on Friends to me)


Key City Roller Derby
Keys stadium Parking Lot, 2PM

Watch these girls throw elbows and show off some serious athletics on skates. Happy Hour to follow and then Keys baseball game at 6.

Saturday Night:

Amish Outlaws

Champions, Rt 85, Frederick


Old Towne Tavern

Market St, Downtown Frederick


Cirque De Italia

Acrobatic, Juggling, Tightropes and 35,000 gallons of water.

This acrobatic circus combines Cirque De Soleil type performances with water elements and a mermaid.

Described as brining out your inner Peter Pan.

Great Frederick Fairground

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