This guy just survived a shark attack and it's the LEAST crazy thing he's survived in his life!


Erik Norrie is in a Florida hospital, recovering from a shark attack he endured while fishing in the Bahamas.

But, he likes his chances of survival – because he’s already been through more freaky injuries than most guys can imagine.

The 40-year-old says he's already survived a lightning strike, a rattlesnake bite, and two different monkey attacks.

The crazy thing is, he’s not some kind of wild adventurer or Discovery Channel show host. He’s just a really unlucky guy.

To get through this recent shark injury, doctors are going to take two hunks of flesh from his thigh and graft them onto his calf. Recovery will probably take a few months.

While he’s recovering, Erik might want to figure out what he’s doing wrong – and why all this bad stuff is happening to him. (NY Daily News)

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