Keeping your family safe on the internet!

Creepy weirdos can find you and your family just by photos you post online from your smartphone! Here's what you can do to stop that from happening.


From WPTV...

Susanne McDonald is like any parent. She loves to take pictures of her four  year old daughter, Laine, with her smart phone.

But taking pictures and placing them on a website could be dangerous. On  Twitter, Facebook, Craigslist and Photobucket, you can find pictures of  children, and these images give away the locations of the children in  them. 

"That is terrifying," said McDonald.

Surfing the web revealed a lot about Laine including where she lives and  which room in the house is her bedroom. There was information about where  Laine's day care is located, her favorite place to eat, and the park where she  plays. 

We went to Jeremy Jacob, an instructor at Florida Atlantic University for  some answers. Jacob teaches the iPhone Development course at the university.

"Most smart phones nowadays have GPS trackers along with high definition  cameras built into them and by default the GPS tracking devices are turned on  and they usually ask you if you want to allow them to use the coordinates when  taking a picture," said Jacob.

So what can you do to protect your family? Jacob says there's a quick  solution.

"I would suggest if you don't want your GPS coordinates known through your  pictures to go into the settings in your iPhone and then turn that setting off,"  said Jacob.

Jacob says it's important to be aware of when your GPS system is on.

"The problem is once it asks you that first time that you want those  coordinates, and you say yes, it will then continue to use your coordinates as  you are taking pictures. It won't ask you every single time, so you may turn it  on and not realize two days later that it is still taking your coordinates every  time you snap a picture," said Jacob.

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