The LEAST sexy body part is...

No argument here!



A new study confirms what most of us already know ... feet are the least sexy body part, with the kneecap not far behind.

The study measured responses from 800 people from Europe and Africa to find out which body parts are considered erogenous zones. They were asked to rank 41 body parts in order of sexual sensation. The privates, of course, made the top spot, while lips, ears, inner thighs and shoulder blades were also ranked high.  

The most interesting part of the research, however, is that erogenous zones are relatively consistent no matter the geography. That means someone in a remote village in Africa has the same trigger spots for arousal as someone in a bustling city like London. In a nutshell, researchers are suggesting that erogenous zones are hardwired into our minds and not based on cultural or life experiences. (SheKnows)

Then again, if the internet has taught us anything, it's that everything does it for SOMEONE!