Great news for diet-concious french fry lovers!

Here's how BK wants to help you enjoy your fries without the side of guilt!


Go ahead and order apple slices with your fast-food burger, but sometimes there’s no resisting the hot, crispy box of fries and all their greasy calories. Now Burger King (BKW) is taking steps to redeem a bit of the unhealthy reputation of deep-fried potatoes with an alternative pitched as significantly less fatty and caloric than the original.

Burger King’s Satisfries made their debut Tuesday with a coating designed to be less porous and absorb less oil, reducing fat by 40 percent and calories by 30 percent over McDonald’s (MCD) fries. The new product took two years of development with McCain Foods, which can’t sell them to any other fast-food clients. Satisfries will cost between 20 cents and 30 cents more than regular fries.