Frosty the EVIL snowman!

It's become something of a holiday tradition: A man, dressed as a snowman, stands motionless until unsuspecting shoppers approach, then suddenly scares the sugarplums out of them.

Freaky, Frosty the Snowman's evil twin, has been at it since 2011, racking up more than 90 million views on a YouTube channel that has nearly a half-million subscribers. Freaky's Facebook page has more than 137,000 likes, and RIP Films, the producers behind the series, now sell a Scary Snowman bobblehead. (They even have an iPhone app to alert fans of new episodes.)

Previous victims of the snowman prank include Times Square revelers, Comic Con-attendees and beachgoers on the Jersey shore.

The pranksters recently set up shop on Newbury Street in Boston, scaring window shoppers — much to the delight of onlookers, including a pair of Boston cops