The Mindless Cliché

Listen Monday Mornings at 7:45am to learn the meaning behind some of our favorite mindless clichés and e-mail if there’s a cliché that you’d like us to break down for you.


Here’s the latest Mindless Cliche that aired:

“Like Shooting Fish In A Barrel”


Here are some Mindless Cliches from previous shows:

“Love You More Than Life Itself”


“The Apple Doesn’t Fall Far From The Tree”


“Bringing Home the Bacon”


“Wipe The Slate Clean”


“That’s How The Cookie Crumbles”


“Cut The Mustard” (Thanks Sherry Kash)


“In Stitches”


“Takes The Cake”


“Thrown Under The Bus”


“A Drop In The Bucket”


“It Takes Two to Tango”


“Knock Yourself Out”


“The More The Merrier”


“A Penny For Your Thoughts”


“Spill The Beans”