This guide will walk you through the process of setting up and enabling new skills on your

Alexa-enabled Amazon Echo device.

Step 1: Set up your Echo

First, open your Echo device and set it up in a convenient location. To do this, follow the

instructions included in the box. If you’ve lost or misplaced them, a copy of the setup

instructions is available here.

Step 2: Download the Alexa App

Most Echo users set up their devices and enable new skills using the Alexa app on either an

Apple or Android smartphone or tablet.

Click here to download the Alexa app for Apple.

Click here to download the Alexa app for Android.


Step 3: Enable your radio station’s skill

All of the impressive things that Alexa can do through your Echo

device are called “skills.” There are hundreds of skills available

for your Echo via the Alexa app, you just need to enable them in

order to use them.


From the main menu (the three horizontal lines in the top left

corner of the app), select “Skills.” Then, in the search box at the top,

type the name of your favorite radio station. For example, 1069 The Eagle.





In the search results, identify the correct skill for your radio

station of choice.


The italicized phrase below that is the voice command you’ll

give Alexa to play the station once you’ve enabled the skill.

Click the station logo to continue.

From there, click the “Enable” button and the skill will

automatically load onto your Echo device.

You can now start streaming the radio station immediately using

the station’s voice command. In this example, “Alexa, play 1069 The Eagle.


You’re all set, enjoy listening to Maryland’s Classic Hits on your Amazon device!