The Daily Game

Tune in weekday afternoons between 2 and 7pm to play The Daily Game with Kevin Kash. He plays different games that give you the opportunity to wrap up your day with a little fun and BONUS – win some very cool prizes!

Sponsored by the Maryland Lottery. Let Yourself Play!

Here is a sampling of some of the games that you can play with Kevin to win:  

Match Game – Fill in the blank to match Kevin’s answer or a bonus answer.

Classic Karaoke – Sing for a prize.

Name That Classic Arcade Game– Identify the game from the sound clip.

Who Am I? – We’ll give you the real name of someone famous, you’ll tell us their stage name.

What Comes Next – Sing the next line of a popular classic hit.

Classic Commercials – Identify a sound clip from a famous classic commercial

Name That Sound – Identify the sound from a series of multiple choice options.

Name That Tune In Reverse– A song clip that is flipped and played backwards.

Name That Tune On Caffeine – A song clip is sped up, identify it to win.

Name That Tune Shakespeare Style– Song lyrics are read in Shakespeare style.

Name That Tune Stuck In Bed –  A song clip is slowed down, identify it to win.

Name That TV Theme  – Identify audio clip from a classic tv theme song.

What Does It Mean? – Define the word that Kevin gives you.

5 In 10 – We’ll give you the category and 10 seconds to come up with five like items.

One Of These Things Is Not Like The Other – Pick out the one item that doesn’t belong.

The Price Is Right – Pick out the correct price from a classic year gone by.

Classic Trivia – Kevin asks a question about a random category.

Big Screen Scene – Identify audio clip from a classic movie.

Small Screen Scene – Identify audio clip from classic tv show.

Three of a Kind – Tell us what these three things have in common.

To Tell The Truth – You’ll hear 2 lies and 1 truth.  Pick the truth to win.

Word Sandwich – Each word is related to the previous word in the puzzle to make up a well-known name or phrase. You give the name of the missing link.